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Once upon a time... Homer & Associates

Complete library available at the Stanford Library Special Collections. There is an intro by Brian Bethel The following is a basic bio for Peter Conn...

...brought a vast range of experience to virtually any media project, combining
creative and production knowledge of 3d computer animation, film & video live action,
software development, print and graphics, and web site creation. As the founder and President of a visual effects company for 20 years, he produced, directed, and was in the trenches on the leading edge
of visual effects and emerging technologies as well as the recipient of numerous awards for outstanding direction and production.

1/05 – present - Phi Power Communications, Inc. - Partner/Creative Director
Key strategist and implementor of advanced techniques for this online market research
company, using interactive technology to create dynamic, engaging surveys that clients need
to cull valuable intelligence from targeted samples.

1/04 – 2018 - Where's Mary? - Partner – “Making Data Access a Snap!”
Co-creator and partner in Where's Mary?, a company dedicated to the potential of using Flash
MX technology to access databased content via intuitive state-of-the-art navigation.

11/2000 – present - Miles Consulting - Independent Web Development / Media Design
Using Flash and other animation techniques to design and build experiential web sites that
are at once both fun and functional. Initial projects included a teenage community portal, a
photographer’s showcase, a lighting director’s personal site and a web site for a feature film.
Also creating packaging designs, graphics, 3d animations and other digital imaging.

8/98 – 10/2000 - S Company - VP/Head of Production
Playing a significant role in this boutique incubator company, he oversaw the deployment and
maintenance of numerous web sites including, and,
managed teams of artists while interfacing with ongoing software development.
Implemented new versions of the S Company site-management/community-building
software. Supervised the design and marketing efforts for several branding clients most
notably for which more than 300 print ads and other marketing materials were
produced. Managed the $200K marketing campaign for at the Cannes 2000
Film Festival, on both web and other media.

10/97- 5/98 Disney Feature Animation - Digital Production Manager "Atlantis"
Organized the digital team that was to produce effects and animation for the animated
feature film to be released in 2001. Worked with managers of all departments, the CGI Lead
and the producers to set up a team and production pipeline for a streamlined process.
Responsibilities included interviewing candidates, setting goals and specifying software and
hardware requirements.

4/97-7/97 Globo TV – Rio de Janeiro , Brazil – Director of Computer Animation
Originally contracted to go down for one week as a consultant, ended up spending nearly 3
months as an animation director doing pre-visualization for a 3D animated feature film in a
department with more than 20 computer animators and TDs. Also conceived and produced
the initial tests for a new on-air look for Globo TV, the largest Brazilian television network.

3/77–12/96 Homer & Associates - Founder, President, and Producer/Director
Built a fledging multimedia effects shop into a computer animation company of international
renown for its leading edge visualizations and high end computer character animation.
Establishing a studio on the old Columbia lot then renamed Sunset Gower Studios, the
company was launched with a propriety realtime visual mixing system named Homer [Hybrid
Optical Montage Electronically Reproduced]. This one-of-a-kind system evolved into a
programmable optical printer and computer paint system forming the basis for numerous
films and videos including a film for Levi Strauss, feature film sequences, television openings
and eventually music videos.

The music videos propelled the company into the music industry and established him as a
sought after director winning many top awards throughout the eighties. Videos for Steve
Miller ["Abracadabra"], George Clinton ["Atomic Dog"], Stevie Wonder ["A Dozen Roses"], and
Tom Waits ["In the Neighborhood"] were among the many produced usually with new and
previously unseen visual effects.

By the late eighties, he transitioned the company toward 3d computer animation and
established international recognition for Homer & Associates. With a half dozen inclusions
over the next ten years into the Siggraph Electronic Theater which is recognized as the
pinnacle of computer animation excellence as well as receiving many international computer
animation awards, the company of animators under his supervision produced hundreds of
commercials, television openings and other computer generated sequences. Feature film
credits included Robocop, The Lawnmower Man, Total Recall, and Congo.

Other highlights included the pioneering of motion capture technology including work for
Peter Gabriel’s Grammy winning "Steam", Vince Neil’s " Sister of Pain" which is he also directed,
and TLC "Waterfalls" which garnered him a Special Effects nomination at the 1995 MTV Music
Awards. Also in 1995, he produced a synthetic host character for an interactive television
series and directed a highly acclaimed longform film for Princess Cruises with computer
animated characters in virtual environments.

Prior to 1977

o Graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Communications
o Spent a year at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris as part of a film study

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